Apply online for a personal loan or call us on 0800 299 399
Apply online for a personal loan or call us on 0800 299 399

Home Table Loan

With a Home Table Loan, you repay principal and interest together. We agree the term of your loan up to a maximum of 30 years. We'll calculate your repayments so, at the end of this period, you own your house with nothing left to pay. The amount you repay each month stays the same throughout the term of your loan, unless interest rates change.

You may be able to borrow up to 90% of the property's value.
The benefits are:

  • You may already have enough for the deposit on the property of you choice
  • You can choose the term that suits you, up to 30 years
  • Regular payments each month mean it's an easy way to manage your loan within your budget
  • As you reduce your loan balance and/or the value of your property increases, you may be able to borrow additional funds
  • Generally, there are no penalty fees for early repayment (this may not apply to refinancing or to a fixed rate mortgage), so you won't be penalised for paying your mortgage off more quickly


The best idea is to talk through your choices with us. After all we've been helping people into their homes and properties since 1869.

Interest rates are subject to change. Normal lending criteria and some special conditions may apply. Full details of fees, terms and conditions are made available upon application. Disclaimer: Finance Now Limited provides mortgage broking services in relation to SBS Bank's (Southland Building Society) Home Loan products. SBS Bank does not take any responsibility for financial advice provided by Finance Now Limited staff in relation to SBS Bank's financial products.

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